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About Brett Melton

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. You can also connect with me via my social network accounts found on my connect page. If you’re having trouble viewing my site or have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me. You may do so by clicking on the contact link at the top of each page.


I’m living in Peoria, IL. I recently bought a house and spend some of my spare time fixing it up room for room because I love projects and enjoy doing it. I manage and operate my own business called Cocrele, which is a web design, web development, seo, and internet marketing company that provides website and internet marketing services.


As a child, Michael Jordan memorabilia had always grabbed my attention and not being able to play with anything, it was extremely hard. During the past two decades, I have collected things such as movies, pictures, computer books, and baseball cards.


I’m the CEO/Founder of Cocrele where we provide web design, web development, search engine optimization, and internet marketing services for businesses throughout the United States. I’m also a Restaurant Technology Support Specialist for Hardee’s AND Carl’s Jr. Restaurants providing IT support for over 225+ stores.


I don’t watch many sports but I do sit and watch a game every now and then. I played many sports growing up which include basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, frisbee golf, volleyball, softball, and more. During the summer, I have been known to participate in basketball, volleyball, softball, golf, and frisbee golf tournaments. Usually pertaining to a charity or group of friends.


My favorite TV shows include That 70’s Show, Prison Break, and South Park. Other than that, I don’t watch much.


I’m a big fan of movies. Movies always seem to put me in a better moods. From cuddling to falling asleep, I just can’t get enough of them “lol”. And it’s weird too because I can watch the same movie over and over again like 15 times. Call me strange I guess. I have hundreds of favorites so I can’t name them all but any movie with Kevin Costner, Will Ferrell, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jim Carrey, Adam Sadler, Russell Crowe, Paul Walker, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, or Mel Gibson seem to have most of my attention.


I mostly listen to music in the car or some times on my laptop but I mostly listen to r&b, rap, pop, country, rock, and a few others. I’m open to any music as long as it has a great beat.


I play 1 video game which is Call of Duty. When the family gets together, we play board games and card games which has always been fun. I have a huge family and we all get along which has always been a great thing too.


My parents took us on several vacations which I can remember most of them and we quit going a few years back due to everyone’s schedules. I imagine myself traveling a few more times throughout the rest of my life. My current profession gives me the opportunity to travel and move where ever I want which is nice.


I have one older sister and one younger sister, which makes me the middle child. Both of my parents are still together which has shown me how life can be when your trusting and loyal.


My dream includes starting a family and building a house in the country near a town for my kids to be close to the city. I have always wanted to live in the country and hopefully soon that dream will turn into a reality.