About Brett Melton

Learn about Brett Melton’s favorite sports, activities, interests, and more.

Brett Melton’s Status

Brett Melton is currently living in Peoria, IL with his girlfriend. In 2014, Brett bought his very first home and spends a lot of his time doing repairs and making his home better. Since 2009, he has been providing web and IT services and continues to thrive and excel with every service completed.

Brett Melton’s Hobbies

As a child, Michael Jordan memorabilia had always grabbed Brett Melton’s attention and not being able to play with anything, it was extremely hard. During the past two decades, he has collected things such as movies, pictures, computer books, and baseball cards. Since owning his first home, he has also learned construction and landscaping.

Brett Melton’s Profession

Brett Melton is CEO of Cocrele where he provides web design, web development, search engine optimization, and internet marketing services for businesses throughout the United States. Brett Melton also provides hosting and domain support as well as IT. Where most business charge more than $500 dollars a month for the same services Cocrele provides, Cocrele charges $95 a month for a custom website, content management system, seo, and website maintenance per month for 2 years. These services alone will help you get more clients and customers and save you a third of the cost. Contact Cocrele today or let Brett Melton know you’re interested in working with him.

Brett Melton’s Sports

Brett Melton enjoys going to baseball games, hockey games, and basketball games whether it’s in Peoria, IL or abroad. He played many sports growing up including basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, Frisbee golf, volleyball, softball, bags, washers, tennis, football, and more. During the summer, he has been known to participate in basketball, volleyball, softball, golf, and Frisbee golf tournaments, usually pertaining to a charity or with a group of friends. Brett Melton plans on teaching his kids games and staying involved with their sporting events.

Brett Melton’s T.V Shows

Brett Melton’s favorite TV shows include That 70’s Show, Prison Break, South Park, Gotham City, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow, The Ranch, SOA, and more. He usually watches movies but when a full season is out of something, he’ll change to that until he’s done.

Brett Melton’s Movies

Brett Melton is all about movies. Movies always seem to put him in a better mood. From cuddling to falling asleep, he just can’t get enough of them. And it’s weird too because he can watch the same movie over and over again like 15 times without ever hating it. Brett Melton has hundreds of favorites which includes anything with Kevin Costner, Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, Adam Sadler, Russell Crowe, Paul Walker, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, or Mel Gibson.

Brett Melton’s Music

Brett Melton mostly listens to music in the car or sometimes on his laptop while working. He listens to r&b, rap, pop, country, rock, and a few others. He listens to just about anything that has a good tune or beat.

Brett Melton’s Video Games

Brett Melton play’s Call of Duty about once or twice a week. Beyond that, he grew up into cars and hunting and has also played a few games of those types as well. In 1992, Brett Melton’s father started playing Tomb Raider and since then he has been playing video games off and on.

Brett Melton’s Traveling

Brett Melton’s parents took them all on several vacations which included Six Flags, Walt Disney World, The Dells, Branson Missouri, Texas, Indianapolis, Chicago, and more. Brett Melton hasn’t been on vacation since 2015 where he visited Six Flags with his girlfriend Tammi Cooper. Due to the size of Brett Melton’s family, vacations got put on hold until the kids get older to enjoy them more.

Brett Melton’s Family

Brett Melton has one older sister, one younger sister, two parents who have been together since 1981, 2 brother in laws, three nieces, one nephew, four grandparents, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins. With his family growing, he’s not quite sure when it will end.

Brett Melton’s Dreams

Brett Melton has a simple dream to build a custom house in the country close to a city where his kids can attend a close school and remain close to any or all of his or her friends.

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