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Brett MeltonBrett Melton is currently the CEO of Cocrele helping businesses promote and sell their products and services online. He’s also one of the best and cheapest companies throughout the United States simply because his services are designed to enhance your website visually and developed to give your business more attention online. Most of his clients are still with him today for knowledge, support, and continued maintenance.

Brett Melton graduated from Illinois Central College (ICC) with an associates degree in applied science for Web Systems and also earned three certificates for web designer, web developer, and web-rich internet application developer. Since completing his college courses, Brett Melton has also extended his skills and experience in IT, SEO, and internet marketing.

Brett Melton was born in Lincoln, IL in 1986 and moved to Washington, IL in 1988 where he has lived most of his life until 2014 when he moved to Peoria, IL. As of 2016, Brett Melton still resides in Peoria, IL with his girlfriend Tammi Cooper and as CEO of Cocrele. Brett Melton doesn’t have any plans of moving or relocating at this time.

With a great relationship, he and Tammi Cooper have been together for over a year since April 30th, 2015 and plan on getting married by the end of 2016. Tammi Cooper has a son and they both plan on having another 2 – 3 more kids. They spend a lot of their time together and can’t wait for more opportunities.

Inspired by a true family, Brett Melton has one older sister and one younger sister making him the middle child along with two parents who are still together since 1981. Every other weekend, him and his girlfriend spend some time visiting for lunch or dinner with the entire family visiting for hours and spending time with his nieces and nephews.

Growing up with one grandfather liking golf and one grandfather who liked fishing, Brett Melton grew up with the best of both worlds. He spent a lot of his time fishing as a young boy and when he got older, golf became another great sport he loved to play. Aside from golf, Brett Melton also lived near the Washington, IL park district allowing him to excel at Frisbee golf, which has earned him three first place trophies and three hole-in-ones. Best also has played or enjoys playing basketball, football, tennis, bags, baseball, hockey, soccer, and more.

Being raised catholic, he attended church in Washington, IL starting in 1994. He was confirmed in 2000. Once Brett Melton gets married, he will then decide his religious future.

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